How Loans Work

It's Easy To Get A Loan

Here’s how easy a loan from Southern Oregon Pawn works

Unlike other local pawn shops we do not charge any additional firearm handling fees or lost ticket fees.

We loan on many types of collateral, specifically fine jewelry, gold and silver coins, diamond rings, loose diamonds, firearms and high end watches such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Tiffany, and Vacheron.  We also loan on art, customs knives, electronics, musical instruments, digital camera equipment, tools, and many other items of value.  We have two people on staff who are certified by the Gemological Institute of America in Diamond Grading.  If you are curious on whether we would take your item just give us a call at 541-772-5118.

You can feel confident loaning with us.  With over forty years combined experience, we have the knowledge needed for a quick and professional loan.  We have the largest loan base in Jackson County from several years of polite and reliable service.

We loan approximately up to one half of what we believe an item is worth used.

When you come to Southern Oregon Pawn for a quick, cash, loan, you must bring the following:
– Your collateral – Government issued photo identification – specifically a State issued driver’s license, State issued ID card or Military ID cards.

When you come to Southern Oregon Pawn for your quick, cash, needs you get:
– Quick cash A friendly hassle-free loan
– A 60-day loan period with a 30-day grace period on new loans only
– All loans are confidential, insured and guaranteed by contract (you receive a copy of the contract when you make your loan)
– You have the option to renew for an additional 60 day loan period
– You may also leave your phone number for a courtesy call in the event that you have passed your due date.
– With all of our loan transactions we give you a pawn buck worth $1.00.  Pawn Bucks can be used toward payment on your loan or towards any purchase made at Southern Oregon Pawn. 



Give us a call at 1-541-772-5118 for the renewal amount due.

Get a purchase money order for the renewal amount on the loan.

Send money order, the original blue pawn ticket and a self address stamped envelope.

Allow us enough time to send you your new blue pawn tickets back through the mail.


Give us a call at 1-541-772-5118 for renewal amount due.

Loan payments may be made with a Visa or Master charge (with an additional 3 % charge).

Your new blue pawn ticket will be held with the card receipt until the original borrower can come in with their government issued photo identification to pick up the receipt and the new blue pawn ticket.


Cash is required for picking up all loans, no exceptions.

You will need the current blue pawn ticket or be the original borrower with a state issued photo identification.

All redeemed firearms must go through a Oregon State Police background check. The fee for the OSP firearm check is $10. This fee is in addition to the loan fees.


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